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Anthony Manfredi

An active Juvenile Correctional Officer for the State of Rhode Island, with over eight years in state service. He is also a partner of Safety Management Solutions (SMS) and Castle, LLC, a Massachusetts based firm. Manfredi oversees the day to day operations with company management, client relationship, and business logistics and negotiations. Manfredi started in the security sector in 2011 working on ground working local events working his way up to general manager of security company Strategic Security Group (SSG).

In 2015, Manfredi inquired SSG to build the foundation and gained the logistics and experience to build the security firm. Through hard work, determination and ambition he built the company from fifteen employees to nearly 75. In 2019 he formed SMS with partners Louis Stravato and Nicholas Hemond. Manfredi, young but extremely knowledgeable and competent in the security business specifically the cannabis market knows how to develop and implement pro active security practices and plans which are compliant with state regulations.

Over the last few years Anthony has quickly became one of the most sought out cannabis consultants in the region, offering advice and planning with clients. He has developed national contacts and established a brand name in the security and cannabis business. Manfredi holds a bachelor’s degree from Rhode Island College and Associate’s degree from CCRI. Manfredi has various contacts across the country from law enforcement, political, entrepreneurs and specifically in the industry. Anthonys desire to succeed and incredible work ethic makes him a asset to any organization and client. He carries various training and certifications including Gang Recognition, Crisis Management, Tactical Awareness, Physical- Verbal Deescalation, Trauma Training, Physical Restraint Certification and CPR/First Aid. Execution of quality service is his top priority.

Louis D. Stravato

Louie D. Stravato, born in Providence and presently live in Warwick, RI. I’m the proud father of two boys and proud papa of two grandchildren.

I was a Providence (RI) police officer for 26 years. During my career I was a narcotics investigator for 18 years, five of those years I worked with DEA as a Task Force Agent. I’ve spoke at numerous engagements about narcotics and how a narcotic investigator operates. I’ve also receved numerous awards, metals and accommodations during my career as a police officer.

In May of 2013 I retired, from the police department and worked, for approximately two years, with the Lottery as a Compliance Representative at Twin River Casino. Presently I’m a part time fitness instructor, part time investigator for Adoption RI, as well as own and run my own Private Investigation company (Pinnacle Security Consulting and Investigations).

I’m also presently a co-owner/partner Safety Management Solutions (SMS). It’s a security company I helped create in 2019 with my two business partners Anthony Manfredi and Nicholas Hemond. 


David Caruso

Our security consultant, retired as an Acting Warden in 2008 and Deputy Warden during his twenty eight year career as a Correctional Officer at ACI in Rhode Island. David had a honorable career climbing the ranks to the highest level as acting warden. During his career, he received countless training and certifications including, CERT/CRISIS Leader, Team Cell Extractor Leader, member of the Swat team, and training field officer for the academy.

Upon retiring, Caruso was in charge of managing and operating over 300 Correctional Officer members, and over 1,200 inmates all under his watch. He received notable honors from the RI Governor and Speaker of the House during his career. Caruso also served as the head of emergency management team for the town of Scituate. David, also has a private business, American Jails Consultation, serving as an expert witness for major incidents occurring inside correctional facilities all across the country specifically Mid West connecting with top sheriffs and attorneys in the regions. He is also considered an Expert Witness in legal cases involving use of force and negligence/liability.

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