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Our Company brand is everything. We strive each day to make sure our clients get the customer service, respect and quality of service it deserves and expects. We pride ourselves in our reputation as one of the industry leaders in experienced, responsive and trusted security services in the region. We take pride in our clients trusting our company to achieve and meet their expectations as well as build a client relationship that lasts. Building our client relationship is the foundation of our business model along with professional services we provide.

We would like to consider ourselves as the premier security firm on the East Coast in the Cannabis Arena specifically Rhode Island And Massachusetts. Safety Management Solutions is without a doubt the most EXPERIENCED private security firm in the cannabis industry in New England.

We are trusted by more than 50 clients

With over seven years providing security services in the cannabis section, our knowledge, experience and skill set is uncontested locally. Our attention to detail in the services as well as our extensive training within our guards make us a brand you can ensure quality service. We provide highly trained armed guards to ensure safety is paramount as well as an deterrent from possible safety threats and risks. Our unarmed guards are skilled in compliance, customer service, deescalation tactics and proper appearance. We also offer the ability to create and design security plans, evaluation and development for licensing within the state, security consultation and transportation as well. 

Our team is comprised of highly trained and experienced security guards with many being retired local law enforcement backgrounds. Our personnel is very diverse with hiring active and former military, as well as, college students with law enforcement goals. Based on our professional backgrounds we have countless contacts and relationships with high ranking members of local police, sheriff and correctional officers, as well as, national industry contacts in the region stretching Coast to Coast, Texas, Florida, Illinois, Oregon, California, etc.. We take much passion and pride in providing our clients with a fundamentally sound security plan as well as giving our clients a piece of mind for their safety and protection of their business. We take pride serving our clients.


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